clem and alex visit the famous 'Real Country Essences - Made in VT' facility 1109 (2009) C






blood and guts on the spot gold market 1109 (2009) C






NASA debunks 2012 1109 (2009) C






explorer on nazca desert 1109 (2009) C






test stand 1110 (2009) C






uniform.....Ø..... unique 1111 (2009) C






clem and alex at the decommissioned nuclear fuel recycling center (soon to be VTMoMA) 1111 (2009) C

"we're not going to be as big as DIA Beacon, but we'll be a lot more warm and cosy.

AND the blue glow of the Cherenkov radiation adds a great touch of color to things."

VTMoma Spokesperson





danville barn, with trees 1112 (2009) C





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